And no, I won't be judged by who I love.

Alice Kwan is the manager of the Coterie apartment complex, and a first-generation Asian-American woman.[1]

Alice is portrayed by Sherry Cola.



Alice is humble, down-to-earth, and extremely selfless. She puts everyone else's needs above her own and trusts people too much. She doesn't handle confrontation well, and instead, brushes instances where she should stand up for herself, off. Alice views herself in a negative light and thinks she is a disappointment to her parents which is why she refuses to come out as a lesbian to her family.

Physical Appearance

Alice is a pretty young woman in her mid-twenties who wears minimal to no makeup.

Throughout Series


Season 1 (13/13)

Notes and Trivia

  • She is a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and a feminist working on not saying that she is sorry.[2]
  • Alice has not come out to her parents as a lesbian yet, and instead, has them believing that she is a straight woman. However, she is out and proud to her friends and those that aren't related to her.
  • She works with a group that rescues Guinea pigs.
  • She provides free toilet paper to all the residents of the Coterie.