Benjamin is a conservative clerk who clerks for Judge Curtis Wilson at his court of law.

Benjamin is portrayed by Ken Kirby.


Benjamin was born and raised in Denver. He attended Harvard school of law for college and graduated with honors. However, he paid for the schooling on his own which resulted in a lot of debt. He got a job clerking for the Federal Judge Curtis Wilson. He worked with Rebecca before Callie arriving at the clerk office, suggesting that he is older than both Rebecca and Callie.


Rigid and business-oriented, Ben strives for perfection. He is intelligent, whip-smart, and sarcastic to a fault. He has an innate desire to impress Judge Wilson, even if it means pitting Rebecca and Callie against each other.

Physical Appearance

Throughout Series


Season 1 (7/13)

Notes and Trivia

  • He is a conservative clerk.
  • While he originally planned to help Callie navigate being a liberal clerk for a conservative judge, his actions seemed to pit Callie and Rebecca against each other.


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