Bralya (Brandon/Talya) is the relationship between Brandon Foster and Talya. They started dating prior Pilot, but Brandon ends their relationship during the fourth episode, Quinceañera. As of I Do, they are dating again. In House and Home, Brandon breaks up with Talya again for good.


Talya and Brandon have appeared to be dating before the series started. When Callie is taken in by the Fosters though, she gets almost immediately jealous of Brandon's growing relationship with Callie. She ultimately does not like Callie and becomes her enemy. In Hostile Acts, she read Callie's private journal without her knowledge, strengthening her dislike. In Quinceanera, she tells Callie to stay away from Brandon, and after Callie tells him about his girfriend's jealousy, he breaks up with her. Brandon is oblivious to Talya's jealousy though, and seems to like Talya a lot. In Quinceanera Brandon yells at Talya and says, "I can't do this anymore, I'm done" and that's the end of their relationship.

In Clean, Talya attempts to give Brandon two tickets to a concert performed by his favorite band. He rejects her offer initially, not wanting to do anything with her. At some point, he agrees to go to the concert with her. After the concert, they go to get coffee. In Vigil, Talya shows up at the hospital to support Brandon although it is unknown if their relationship is back on. In I Do, they are seen holding hands while talking about wedding shopping for his moms. She is seen less jealous over Callie now as she invites Callie to join her and Brandon to go wedding shopping. After Brandon and Callie kiss, Brandon and Talya's relationship ends and she realizes it is Callie that he actually wants and leaves in tears, insisting that Callie is only going to hurt him. 



  • Talya is introduced when she interrupts Callie and Brandon at the music room.
  • Talya and Brandon kiss in front of Callie.
  • Brandon and Talya are talking, but he later walks away when he sees Callie trying to ditch school.
  • Stef asked Brandon if he is still using condoms, meaning that he and Talya have a sexual relationship.


  • Talya's jealousy sparks as she sees the interaction Brandon has with Callie.
  • Brandon and Talya agree to go on a date with each other.
  • Talya invites Callie to sit with her and her popular friends, and she subtly reminds her that Brandon is her boyfriend.
  • After Talya prepared to welcome Brandon to her house for their date, Brandon lies to her and says on a text that "he can't get out of the house", but the real reason wat that he wanted to help Callie practice playing the guitar.

Hostile Acts

  • Talya and Brandon kiss when she tells him that he lost the opportunity of being alone in her house.
  • Talya wants Brandon to move to his father's house to have more privacy.
  • In the Fosters' house, she has a conversation with Callie about Brandon moving with his father.
  • Talya looks happy when Brandon announces to his family that he will move with his father.
  • At the end of the episode, Brandon and Talya are embracing on the couch.


  • Talya becomes jealous when Mariana says to Callie that she is going to dance with Brandon during her quinceañera party.
  • Brandon says that Talya is his date and they later kiss.
  • During the rehearsals of the coreography, Talya looks jealous when the coreographer teaches the dance moves to Brandon and Callie.
  • Brandon and Talya kiss in front of Callie when Talya arrives to the Fosters' house to go to the party.
  • Callie and Talya have a fight about Brandon, and Talya tells her to stay away from him.
  • Talya is more than clearly jealous when she sees Brandon and Callie dancing.
  • Talya pretends to dance with Brandon, but he later takes her to another place.
  • Brandon breaks up with Talya after Callie tells him what Talya told her.
  • Talya tries to stop him, but he walked away.
  • Talya leaves the party angry after they broke up.


  • Brandon and Talya reconnect.
  • Brandon at first rejects the tickets Talya gives him, but they end up going together.
  • Brandon and Talya talk after the concert and go out for coffee.


  • They hug and embrace each other at the hospital.

I Do

  • At school Brandon and Talya talk about going wedding shopping.
  • Talya finds Brandon alone after he cheated on her with Callie.

House and Home

  • Brandon breaks up with her which saddens Talya.
  • Talya asks Brandon to admit if the reason why he is breaking up with her is because of Callie.


  • Everytime that Talya tries to have more privacy with Brandon, something happens.
  • When they were together, Stef and Lena used to support their relationship.
  • Brandon broke up with Talya after figuring out she was doing things like reading Callie's journal and thinking he has feelings for Callie and accusing her of being into him. 
  • They get back together in I Do, but break up soon afterward.