Callie Jacob.

This page is about Callie Jacob's quotations during her episodes appearances.

Season One


Brandon: "Oh, who's this?"
Lena: "This is Callie. She's gonna be staying with us for a while."
Brandon: "Okay, staying with us. Nice to meet you."
Callie: "What about him? (referring to Brandon)"
Lena: "What?"
Callie: "Where did you get him? The ninety-nine cent store? They have everything there."
Lena: "Brandon is my partner, Stef, biological son from her previous marriage."
(Stef enters)
Lena: "Hi, honey."
Stef: "(to Lena) Hi! (to her sons and daughter) Hi babies!"
Jesus: "(to Callie) What? No one told you our mom's a cop?"
Mariana: "See, this is why no boys ever wanna come over."
Stef: "That's how it should be."
Callie: "So, you're dykes?"
Jesus: "They prefer the term people, but yeah, they're gay."
Callie: "And he's the real son? (pointing to Brandon)"
Stef: "(laughs) ...And who's this?"

− Brandon and Stef meeting Callie.


Talya: "Hey, Callie! Over here!"
(Callie sits with Talya and her friends)
Talya: "So, how are you? I mean, I know it's been a crazy couple of days for you."
Calie: "I'm fine, thanks."
Talya's friend: "So, where are you from?"
Callie: "Just... around."
Talya's friend: "Great."
Talya: "Was that your brother you were talking to this morning?"
Callie: "Yeah, that's Jude."
Talya: "He's totally adorable!"
Callie: "Yeah, he's alright."
Talya's friend:' "I like your bracelets."
Callie: "Thank you."
Talya: "I should get some like that. So cool."

− Talya and her friend talking with Callie.

Hostile Acts

Mariana: "Do you want to borrow something?
Callie: "Uh no, it's okay."
Mariana: "Okay, just thought you might be sick of wearing the same three things."
(Callie shakes her head)
(Mariana tries on earrings and hides her jewelry box in her drawer)
Callie: "I'm not going to steal your earrings, I mean what am I going to do, sell them at school?"
Mariana: "Don't talk about things you don't understand."
Callie: "Okay, well what don't I understand Mariana? You stole your brother pills, sold them at school, and then you let your brother take the fall for you."
Mariana: "I never asked him to do that."
Callie: "But you let him."'

-Callie and Mariana talking about Jesus's pills.

Callie: "Hey."
Brandon: "Hey."
Callie: "So, Talya told me the news."
Brandon: "Huh?"
Callie: "You're moving in with your dad."
Brandon: "Yeah."
Callie: "Um it's not, this may be stupid, but (chuckles) it's not cause of me and Jude, is it?"
Brandon: "No, no not at all."
Callie: "It's cause, well, from what I can tell, you don't seem pretty happy in the house."
Brandon: "Yeah."
Callie: "Hot water not withstanding (laughs)."
Brandon: "I am, I am, I mean it's my house, it's where I grew up."
Callie: "So why are you leaving?"

-Callie and Brandon talking about him moving out of the house.


Mariana: "So, Callie. You know my friend Kelsey?"
Callie: "Oh, the one who lied and said I sold her drugs?"
Mariana: "Yeah, well... she's in rehab."
Callie: "I'm sorry to hear that."
Mariana: "So, do you want to take her place in my court?"
Stef: "I think that is a great idea, Mariana. Eam... Wha-what do you think Callie?"
Callie: "Sure, I guess."
Lena: "Great, we just have to hurry and get your gown before Saturday."
Callie: "I have to wear a gown?"
Jude: (laughs)

− Mariana inviting Callie to be part of her court at her quinceañera.

Brandon: "I broke up with Talya."
"Because of me."  
"No no. I-I mean, I'm sure that's what she thinks, but it's not. I broke up with her because she's doing stupid reading your journal."
Callie: "She told you."
"She didn't tell me what it said. I didn't want to hear it. Callie, I already know everything I need to know about you."

-Brandon and Callie talking about Talya.

The Morning After

Callie: "I said I was sorry."
Brandon: "And I said it was OKAY."
Callie: "Well then, why are you still acting mad?"
Brandon: "Do you really have to ask? You just had me pick you up on a date with Wyatt."
Callie: "Why do you hate Wyatt so much?"
Brandon: "This isn't even about Wyatt, ok?"
(Callie stays silent).
Brandon: "I don't want you dating Wyatt because I don't want you dating anyone."
Callie: "I can't... I can't do this."
Brandon: "Well too bad."
Callie: "No, even having this conversation could get me and Jude kicked out of the house."
Brandon: "That would never happen! " 
Callie: "You don't know that! Okay, two years ago Jude and I were in a really good foster home. Definitely the best one before coming here. And they had a son. And he was really nice to me, so we started hanging out. And then the parents found out, and he told them that it was my fault and that I was coming onto him. And the next day. The next day, they had me and Jude sent away, and the parents told the CPS some excuse, you know? They didn't want to admit their son was having a relationship with the trashy foster girl. So yeah, it can happen Brandon, cause it already did."
Brandon: "Well I'm not like him. I would never do that."
Callie: "Doesn't matter. It still ends the same way."

-Callie talking to Brandon on how she can't and wouldn't be with him.


Callie: "Hey has anyone seen Mariana?"
Talya: "No I haven't, oh hey wait."
Callie: "Yea."
Talya: "You are a cool girl you know. You and Wyatt are like a thing now. Everyone I liked likes you."
Callie: "I told you you had nothing to worry about with me and Brandon."
Talya: "Oh I know, I freaked, can you blame me? Your the shiny new girl. I should've realized you were never into Brandon, he's into you."

– Talya talking to Callie about Brandon.

The Fallout


Stef: "Hey, I wanted you to know that I spoke with Bill, and Sarah has been removed from the Olmsteads' and I have a friend at the DA office that I'm talking to about Liam I will let you know what happens but uh, I just wanted you to know."
Callie: "Okay."
Stef: "Okay."

– Callie and Stef talking about Liam.

Callie: "Thanks for, uh, lending this to me. Thumbs up to Joe Diddian."
Wyatt: "Yea."
Callie: "I definetly see what Timothy meant by writing a hostile act. Speaking of hostile, are you like mad at me about the other day me yelling you because you hit Liam. I'm having a little trouble holding up both ends of this conversation Wyatt."
Wyatt: "What do you want me to say, I got reemed for protecting you like I was the bad guy or something."
Callie: "Yea I know, I'm sorry. Um things with Liam, are very complicated."
Wyatt: "Your probably right, It's probably way over my head."
Callie: "No. no its not that Liam-"
Wyatt: "Why don't you go tell Brandon, you two seem pretty tight."
Callie: "Wyatt, wyatt there's nothing going on between me and Brandon."
Wyatt: "So tell me about Liam."
Callie: "I knew him a couple of years ago, from an old foster home, and thankfully he's out of my life, and I would just like to forget about him."
Wyatt: Wow, you really opened up there."
Callie: "I thought that's what he liked about me, a little mysterious, a little screwed up."
Wyatt: "You know, you might be a little too screwed up, even for me."

– Callie and Wyatt talking about Liam.


Callie: "Hey."
Brandon: (gasps) "You scared me."
Callie: (tilts head to closet) "Here, let me."
Callie: "You remember what you told me, how your moms asked you if Mariana and Jesus could come and live with your family. You said yes, cause you figured there was enough to go around."
Brandon:' "Yeah." (low voice)
Callie: "You don't know what it's like to not have enough, to not be wanted."
Brandon: "Oh so that means I dont have a right to be angry" (high voice)
Callie: "No... it means that you don't know whats it's like to wonder why. Why the people that brought you into this world, the people who suppose to love you more than anyone else, didn't. So don't be a jackass."

- Brandon and Callie talking about Brandon's verbal blowout to the twins.

Season 3

I'm one of the lucky ones. You know, I found an amazing family, and I'm finally safe and loved, like, really, truly loved. And one of the things I've learned from my moms, from watching the way they've lived their lives, is that when you're lucky, it is your job to give something back.

- Callie to Judge Ringer in Lucky