Callie and Wyatt also known as Wallie, is the romantic and friendly pairing of Callie Adams Foster and Wyatt.


Season 1 Season 2

Hostile Acts

  • Wyatt kept giving Callie meaningful stares, obviously interested in her.
  • Mr. Timothy asked both to stay behind after class so they could write in their blank journals.
  • They are both seen near the garbage can ripping out pages in their journals.


  • He makes her laugh.
  • He says he likes her smile.
  • He joins her at lunch and invites her to a beach party, which she, later on, joins after ditching the Quinceañera.

The Morning After

  • Wyatt was invited by Callie to join the party Lena and Stef were hosting.
  • Wyatt helps clean up before leaving.
  • Callie apologizes to Wyatt after accusing him of dumping Talya without reason.
  • They end up breaking into a home, spending part of the night watching the meteor shower. The owners of the house come while they are actually having their first kiss and call the police, causing them to flee.
  • The next day, Wyatt tells Callie that she wants him to apologize. She tells him that he's reckless and he says, "I've done a lot of things, but I've never regretted any until last night." They make up and kiss.


  • They are both seen at Wyatt's house, when Wyatt shows Callie his room and invites her to his foreclosure party.
  • Callie compliments Wyatt's drawings, telling him that he's talented.
  • Wyatt calls what he and Callie have a "relationship" and pesters her about defining their hanging out, hinting that he wants to be her boyfriend.
  • Callie takes pictures of Wyatt.
  • Before she leaves, Wyatt asks Callie if she has a "hot date", acting jealous. 
  • Callie eventually decided to go to the foreclosure party and sees Wyatt is hurting.
  • Callie comforts Wyatt, telling him that they can take away his house, but he shouldn't let them take away his memories.
  • They kiss twice.
  • Wyatt approaches Callie when Liam talks to her, and asks if everything was okay.
  • Wyatt walks Callie and Mariana home.
  • Wyatt texts Callie to tell her that he thinks her pictures are cool.

The Fallout

  • Wyatt says that he had a "dirty" dream about Callie.
  • Callie kisses Wyatt in the hallway.
  • Wyatt asks what is up with her and Liam, and she says nothing.
  • Callie waits for Wyatt after school.
  • Liam says Wyatt told him to leave Callie alone on Instagram.
  • Liam calls Wyatt "your little boyfriend" and Callie doesn't correct him.
  • Wyatt tackles Liam and hits him when he sees him threatening Callie at school.
  • Wyatt and Callie are seen outside during the fight.


  • At the beginning of the episode, Wyatt is upset with Callie.
  • Callie returns a book that Wyatt had loaned to her.
  • Callie says that Wyatt is her only friend at school.
  • Wyatt asks Callie to open up to him about Liam, but she doesn't say much.
  • Later on, Callie apologizes and invites Wyatt to a silent movie.
  • Wyatt later on shows up and they call it a date. They kiss and joke around.


  • Wyatt brings donuts when he finds out about Stef.
  • Wyatt and Callie are seen at the hospital.
  • Wyatt and Callie go outside for fresh air.
  • Wyatt tells Callie she should seize the moment and go after Brandon if she really likes him.
  • Callie kisses Wyatt's cheek and smiles, soon walking away after.
  • Wyatt seems sad but he realizes it's what would make her happy.

I Do

  • Wyatt tells Callie that he is moving to Indiana with his mom.
  • Callie is sad that Wyatt is leaving, showing that she still cares about him on some level.
  • Wyatt kisses Callie on the cheek.
  • When Callie runs, Wyatt is the first person she goes to, showing that their friendship still means a lot to her.
  • At the end of the episode Callie decides to go to Indiana with Wyatt.
  • Wyatt originally refuses to take Callie with him, but eventually he agrees so that he can keep her safe, showing he still cares about her. 

Season 2 

Things Unknown

  • At Callie's work, Callie tries to explain to Wyatt why she doesn't want to find her adoptive dad.
  • Wyatt asks Callie if she really is ok. She reassures him she is 
  • Callie and Wyatt kiss. 


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