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Main Characters

  • Stef Adams Foster (Teri Polo) is a divorcee now in a happy lesbian relationship, who is the biological mother of Brandon and the adoptive mother of Jesus and Mariana. Stef is a police officer who is very strong and tough. Callie doesn't feel all that comfortable around her due to her position as a cop.
  • Lena Adams Foster (Sherri Saum) Lena is Stef's wife, step-mother of Brandon and the mother of Jesus and Mariana. She is the vice principal of Anchor Beach Charter School that the kids attend. She's the one who first took Callie in after she got out of the juvenile detention center. Lena is dark in color, with curly hair and a thin body. She is very aware of the people around her and takes on the role of caring mother not only to Brandon but to all of the foster kids as well.
  • Jesus Foster (Jake T. Austin) is one of the twins that were taken in as a toddler and adopted by Lena and Stef. He is 15 years of age and somewhat of the laid-back sibling of the twins. He has attention deficit disorder, and, to help his disorder, he takes prescription pills. His sister Mariana has been taking and selling his pills as drugs to friends and students at school, to which Jesus is angered by but quickly ready to take the fall for his sister when her actions are caught by their mothers and are being blamed on Callie. If his pills are not taken, he is shown to be a bit agitated and quicker to anger; such are the effects of ADD on most children. He appears to have a hard time when it comes to the topic of his mother, although his sister has brought it up repeatedly. His original last name was Gutierrez, which he switched to the last name Foster when he was adopted. He speaks Spanish fluently and excels at sports. His relationship with Brandon seems quite brotherly, as he gives advice to him on Talya's jealousy of Callie. He started dating his sister's best friend Lexi, (much to Mariana's dislike) after he saved her from an angered ex-boyfriend, they have also been shown to text one another and they kiss even though it would hurt Mariana and get the couple in a fight with her when she discovers them talking about her and kissing behind her back during her Quinceañera.
  • Brandon Foster (David Lambert) is the talented and attractive biological son to Stef Foster and Mike Foster. He has a warm bond with his two moms and his adoptive siblings. Brandon has a very sweet nature, but is also seen as a bit oblivious to some things going on in his life, such as his ex-girlfriend's near immediate dislike of Callie and his sister's drug trafficking at school. He also seems to have a soft spot for Callie, much to his ex-girlfriend Talya's dislike. Also after admitting his true feelings to Callie, she runs off, leaving Brandon in a tough place when Callie brings home a new "friend" Wyatt.
  • Callie Jacob (Maia Mitchell) is an 16 offbeat, beautiful teen who has spent her life in the foster care system. She currently lives with Stef and Lena with her biological little brother, Jude and her 3 adoptive siblings., she is shown and hinted at to be the target for several people around her brothers and sisters, one of them being Talya, Brandon's ex-girlfriend. Talya is shown to have great dislike for Callie, to which she quickly covers up to hide her jealously in front of Brandon and others, and Callie appears to take little notice of her hatred as she tries to be friendly to her. Callie is shown to love music, specifically the guitar, to which her and Brandon immediately connect over. Their love for music extends further when Brandon gives her his old guitar and invites her to play with him while he plays background on his keyboard. Her body is heavily bruised and lean, a result from dealing with Bill and her juvenile detention cell mates; they had beaten her when getting jealous of Callie's release. She is roommates with Mariana.
  • Mariana Foster (Cierra Ramirez) is a smart student who was adopted by Stef and Lena, with her fraternal twin, Jesus. She's popular and social, but also very naive when it comes to certain topics. Such as, reconnecting with the mother who abandoned her and Jesus at a very young age, and stealing Jesus's pills and selling them to earn money that Mariana can give to her mother. After Mariana's drug trafficking begins to unravel, one of her friends is caught sniffing up the sold drugs and, to defend Mariana, blames the trafficking business on Callie. Mariana let's Callie take the blame but soon her guilt builds up and she decides to tell her mothers. Before she can, though, Jesus takes full blame and responsibility for all the actions with his pills, clearing both Mariana's and Callie's names. She speaks Spanish fluently and likes to gossip, especially about Callie.
  • Jude Adams Foster (Hayden Byerly)  is Callie's younger brother, whom she rescued from an abusive foster fathers house. He resembles Callie, with dark hair and eyes. He is a quiet child with slightly sheltered views on foster homes due to moving house to house, which has been hard on him and his elder sister. Once he is moved into the Foster family, he quickly begins to adjust to the new lifestyle and is shown to be more talkative and energetic around everyone and around school he is said to have made new friends and is enjoying the presence of many of them. Lena and Stef will be moving him into Jesus' room to make him feel more comfortable.
  • Mike Foster (Danny Nucci) is the handsome ex-husband of Stef and Brandon’s biological father. Mike is a San Diego police sergeant, and Stef's current police patrol partner. Mike requested to partner with Stef because he felt he had more police experience and could keep Stef safer than other partners. Mike and Stef discuss their family issues during their work shifts. Mike misses being more involved with his son Brandon's life, and would like for Brandon to move in with him, but Brandon refuses due to feeling bad about leaving his mother and other siblings as well.

Recurring Characters

  • Talya (Madisen Beaty) is Brandon's ex-girlfriend and Callie's enemy. She is said to have read Callie's journal and is the first person to know about Liam, way before the Foster family. Later in the season, she is forgiven by Callie and they start a somewhat friendship.
  • Lexi Rivera (Bianca A. Santos) is Mariana's best friend and Jesus' girlfriend.
  • Wyatt (Alex Saxon) is Callie's friend who later becomes her love interest. He is very disliked by Brandon do to the fact that Brandon has true feelings for Callie and he sees Wyatt as a threat.
  • Timothy (Jay Ali) is a literature teacher at Anchor Beach Charter School. He is also aware of the drama at Anchor Beach like when he found the note about Mariana's drug trafficing and when he stopped the fight between Jesus and Lexi's ex-boyfriend.
  • Connor (Gavin Macintosh) is Jude's first friend at Anchor Beach.
  • Liam Olmstead (Brandon W. Jones) is a boy  from one of Callie's previous foster homes whom she had some kind of relationship with. Callie learns that Sarah, a girl in her foster child therapy session is currently staying with Liam, and after inquiring about Liam he ends up tracking her down aggressively. She also usedhim as the topic in her essay about guilt, and is very upset when Talya reads what she wrote about him.
  • Karina Sánchez (Norma Maldonado) is the principal of Anchor Beach Charter School.
  • Kelsey (Anne Winters) is Mariana's friend who uses Jesus' pills to get high. She was eventually taken to rehab.
  • Ernesto Rivera (Carlos Sanz) is Lexi's religious father.
  • Sofia Rivera (Justina Machado) is Lexi's religious and over protective mother.
  • Sarah (Mary Mouser) is a girl from Callie's foster therapy group who lives with Liam's family. She was removed from the Olmstead family after Callie confessed that Liam raped her.

Minor Characters

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