Cude (Callie/Jude) is the sibiling pairing of Callie and Jude Adams Foster. They share a strong bond with each other, having to rely heavily on each other during their six year time period in the foster system. Callie often acts like a mother towards Jude, something that occasionally annoys him following their entering the Adams-Foster household.



  • Callie is seen calling Jude on Brandon's phone.
  • Callie and Brandon goes to Jude's foster home to save him, which is successful.
  • Stef and Lena decide to keep both Callie and Jude in their home.


  • Callie and Jude are seen talking outside of Jude's classroom.
  • Callie is seen helping Jude with his homework. 
  • Callie tickles Jude playfully.
  • Callie and Jude are seen talking inside the house.
  • Callie and Jude are seen walking home from school.

Hostile Acts

  • Callie and Jude are seen talking outside about Callie's journal.


  • Callie and Jude are seen getting punch and talking about Lexus and Brandon.
  • Jude tells Callie that she does stupid things sometimes.

The Morning After

  • Jude is bullied in school for wearing nail polish, but Callie tells him to not wear it.
  • Jude is tired of Callie telling him what to do.
  • Jude and Callie are both seen at the poetry session.


  • Jude and Callie hug after he comes home from his sleepover.
  • Jude and Callie talk when everyone is sleeping.
  • Jude and Callie are seen at the hospital.

I Do

  • Lena and Stef told Callie and Jude that they will adopt them.
  • Jude catches Brandon and Callie making out and gets very upset. Callie goes to talk to him but Jude yells at her for keep ruining everything for him.
  • Callie later apologizes and promises to stop being selfish.

The Honeymoon

  • Jude was the first one to notice that Callie ran away.
  • Throughout the whole episode, Jude is upset and worried about Callie after she ran away.
  • Jude blames himself for Callie running away, knowing he triggered her motivation to do so.

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