I don't consider myself a conservative judge because I don't believe in judicial activism. My job is to apply the law, not make it. Which is why I rely on precedent and a neutral reading of the facts. I don't allow empathy to distort my judgement. And I have no use for clerks who do.

Curtis Wilson[1] is a conservative federal judge based in Los Angeles, California. He has very Republican and conservative thoughts on issues. He is also the judge with whom Callie Adams Foster is clerking for.

Judge Curtis Wilson is portrayed by Roger Bart.


He is a prominent, conservative judge based in Los Angeles


Judge Wilson is a strict no-nonsense man, who believes only in the law. When he makes his mind up he rarely changes it.[2]

Physical Appearance

Throughout Series

The Fosters

Meet the Fosters

Whilst talking about her future and possible job perspectives, Callie mentions that she has an offer with Judge Wilson in LA and one with Judge Engleman in San Francisco. She was leaning towards Engleman, due to her open-minded and liberal policies, as opposed to Judge Wilson's conservative views.

Turks & Caicos

Callie mentions him to Jamie Hunter, who tries to encourage her to take the offer with Judge Wilson over the liberal judge.

Where the Heart Is

Jamie attempted to convince Callie to move to LA instead of San Francisco and to take the more challenging route instead of playing it safe by going with a liberal judge. At dinner back at the house, Callie announced that she accepted the job offer with Judge Wilson in LA.

Good Trouble




The Fosters

Season 5 (3/22)

Good Trouble

Season 1 (12/13)

Notes and Trivia

  • He is the second major judge to be featured in The Fosters, following Judge Ringer. While Wilson isn't physically present in the episodes, he does have a prominent role in the spin-off series.