It's being the biggest girl in the room, with the loudest mouth, and using it.

Davia Moss is an outspoken school teacher who lives at The Coterie. She is a body-positive social media influencer primarily on Instagram.


Originally from Fitchburg, Wisconsin, Davia moved to downtown Los Angeles and became a grade school teacher.


Physical Appearance

"50% fashionista, 50% whatever the hell I think looks good on me."

Davia is of petite height with a curvy body and wavy, shoulder-length blonde hair and green eyes. She wears conservative clothing that primarily shows-off her chest and shoulders.

Throughout Series


Davia is first seen in the communal bathroom of The Coterie, getting ready in the mirror. Only her back is seen, and she is topless with only white underwear on. Later, she is seen at the table eating with her fellow residents. Alice introduces Davia as, "body positive Instagram user" and a teacher. Davia proudly states that she teaches young women that a healthy body doesn't necessarily mean a skinny or perfect body, and states that she struggled with Anorexia when she was younger.


Season 1 (13/13)

Notes and Trivia

  • Davia is a school teacher.
  • She is a body-positive Instagram influencer that targets young women and teaches them how to love their bodies.
  • She used to have Anorexia until she learned that a healthy body does not have to be a skinny body.
  • She was featured in the top-ten body positive influencers list.
  • Her Instagram handle is @DavieBohme.


"Yeah, well, feminism doesn't bring all the boys to the yard."