Dom Williams is the older brother of Coterie resident, Malika Williams.


Dom and his younger sister, Malika, were born to a neglectful mother. They were often hungry, to the point where they dug into couch cushions to try and find change to buy chips at the corner store. At the age of 10, neglect and hunger led to Malika calling social services for help. Dom and Malika were subsequently placed into the foster care system and eventually separated. This jaded Dom, who never found a good home because of his ethnicity and spent time in some rough foster homes.


Physical Appearance

Throughout Series

In "The Coterie" Dom arrives at the Coterie's mary and makes small talk with his sister. He then tells her that their mom is sick. Malika doesn't believe him due to their mothers' history, and this leads to an argument. Dom believes that they were fine before Malika called social services and that the system didn't treat either of them any better then their mom did. After an argument, Dom tells Malika that she should see their mom before its too late. She asks him to come over again sometime but he simply says that he doesn't know and leaves.


Season 1 (2/13)

Season 2 (5/10)

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