Elijah Adrieux is a guest character throughout Season 2 of Good Trouble. Elijah is portrayed by Denim Richards.

A successful artist in downtown Los Angeles, Elijah is a major force in Gael's life.



Elijah is an outgoing, fun, and artistic young adult living in downtown LA. He owns a fashion line and is a prominent figure in the LA art scene. He has questionable morals, as seen when he admits to buying positive reviews for him and his friends' work. He purchased a positive review for Gael but didn't think how about how it would make Gael feel if he ever found out.

Physical Appearance

Elijah is a young man in his mid-to-late twenties with curly black hair and a full beard. He is always seen wearing high-fashion paired with one or two silver rings. He primarily wears relaxed colorful clothing but doesn't hesitate to dress up when the outing requires it. His confidence is often reflected in his stance and clothing, an attribute that he has in common with those he surrounds himself with.

Throughout Series

Broken Arted

Jazmin mentions Elijah during a conversation with Gael. Jazmin tells Gael that he didn't fight for Elijah when he should have.


Doble Quince

Elijah attended Jazmin's Quincenera as Gael's date.

Happy Heckling


In the Middle



Season 1 (1/13)

Season 2 (5/8)


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