You're my best friend. Just don't tell Callie.
— Mariana to Jesus[1]

Jariana is the sibling pairing between Jesus and Mariana Adams Foster. They share a strong bond with each other due to them being twins and only having each other throughout their early childhood.


Mariana and Jesus are the biological children of Ana Gutierrez and Gabriel Duncroft. Ana and Gabe had a relationship when they were fifteen and eighteen respectively, which upset Ana's parents greatly. Gabe was also dealing drugs at the time, and the pair started getting high and drinking together. Ana's parents reported Gabe to the authorities for having sex with a minor, which resulted in him being arrested and put in prison. During this time Ana found out that she was pregnant and told him while he was in jail. Gabe told her to get an abortion, as they were in no position to raise a baby. Ana didn't get an abortion and instead, ran away from home, which leads her to spiral deeper into her addictions. On May 17, 1998, Ana gave birth to the fraternal twins, Mariana and Jesus Gutierrez.

4x12 Flashback1

Mariana and Jesus in their crib

After the twins were born, Ana struggled with being sober but ultimately fell back into her drug addict. For this reason, the twins grew up in a tumultuous and unstable environment surrounded by drugs and neglect. One day on Christmas, Mariana and Jesus were left alone in their crib what felt like days, all while Ana was away getting drugs. Both of the babies were terrified, however, Jesus soothed his sister and made her feel safe even though he was also scared. They had several incidents where they had to take care of themselves and depend on one another, which lead them to form a very close bond. According to Jesus, he felt the need to protect Mariana from the time they were very young.

When they were around four or five-years-old, they were placed into the foster care system after it became apparent that Ana couldn't care for her children any longer due to her addiction. While the time period that the twins were in the foster system is unknown, they likely weren't in the system for more than a year or so. Regardless of the homes, they were put into, Jesus and Mariana always depended on one another and took care of each other - especially when they were placed in some difficult homes. They were eventually placed with a couple who they thought would be their last foster home.

1x09 Flashback2

Meeting Stef

However, one day, their foster parents decided that they couldn't deal with the kids anymore and dropped them off at the police station for the police and DHS to handle. The twins had to sit on the police bench together as they waited for something to happen. They were both scared and quiet and held hands due to their fear. At this time, a young police officer named Stef Foster noticed the children and felt bad for them. She approached them and learned their names and tried to give them both a lollipop. Jesus took his candy but Mariana remained quiet and didn't speak to Stef. Jesus took the other candy from Stef and handed it to Mariana, and only then did she accept it.

After this, Stef returned him and talked with her partner, Lena Adams, about the twins. They then decided to foster the kids and brought them into their home where they became foster siblings to Stef's biological son, Brandon. Both kids remembered never feeling true love or safety until they were placed with Stef and Lena. The twins were later adopted by the couple when they were eleven-years-old on July 1st, which made them officially become Mariana and Jesus Adams Foster.



  • Jesus and Mariana are seen meeting Callie at the dinner table.
  • Jesus and Mariana are seen talking in Mariana's room.
  • Mariana and Jesus are seen talking about Ana their birth mom.
  • Mariana and Jesus are seen sitting on the steps outside.


  • Mariana and Jesus are seen talking in school.
  • Mariana and Jesus are seen in the kitchen talking to Stef and Lena.

Hostile Acts

  • Mariana and Jesus are seen in the kitchen.
  • Mariana and Jesus are seen talking in school.
  • Mariana and Jesus are seen on the couch with the rest of the family.


  • Mariana and Jesus are seen in the kitchen.
  • Mariana and Jesus are seen dancing at the waltz
  • Mariana and Jesus are seen talking about Lexi.
  • Mariana and Jesus are seen looking at the slideshow.

The Morning After

  • Mariana and Jesus are seen in the kitchen at dinner time.
  • Mariana and Jesus are seen at the poetry session.

The Fallout

  • Mariana and Jesus are seen arguing in the morning.
  • Mariana and Jesus are seen at Wyatt's house talking to Lexi.
  • Mariana and Jesus are seen in the house talking to Lexi's parents.
  • Mariana and Jesus are seen in Mariana's room talking about Lexi.
  • Mariana seems to accept Jesus and Lexi's relationship.


  • Mariana and Jesus both go to visit Ana.
  • Mariana tells Jesus that Ana is lying and that he shouldn't feel bad for her.
  • Mariana is upset and nervous when Jesus goes missing.


  • Mariana and Jesus both go through their old stuff.
  • Mariana and Jesus look at their birth poem written by their moms.
  • Mariana and Jesus, along with Brandon and Lena, go see Stef.



  • Jesus is Mariana's best-friend and vice versa.
  • They used to speak Spanish to one another in the first season, however, they haven't been seen doing this on camera since.
  • Both tried to bond with their biological parents at one point, despite objection from everyone around them. Mariana tried with Ana and Jesus with Gabe.
  • He took the blame for her selling his pills at school so she wouldn't get in trouble with their moms.
  • They were in a car crash together in the Season 2 finale.
  • She opened up to him about her experience with Nick Stratos.
  • She's one of the few people he lets see his drawings, although, she often looks at them when he doesn't want her too.
  • They have both dated each others friends before. Jesus with Lexi and Hayley, and Mariana with Nick.
  • She read to him while he had his TBI and couldn't read.
  • When Jesus returned to school after his TBI, he had to wear his glasses which made him feel self-conscious. Because of this, Mariana wore her glasses to school as well and played it off as if she just felt like wearing them.
  • She was hurt when he didn't want her help applying to grants and things for college.
  • They went backpacking through Europe together after Brandon's wedding.


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