If we just mind our own business and don't take care of each other, who will?
Kiara to Callie in Got Your Back

Kiara is a recurring character on The Fosters and a main character on the webseries spinoff, Girls United. She was first introduced in House and Home as Callie's new roommate in Girls United

Kiara is portrayed by Cherinda Kincherlow.


Kiara's father left before she was born while her mother is institutionalized for a mental illness. Kiara was then placed into the foster system, which was a difficult time for her. She has been in juvie four times, the first time being when she was 11 for property damage. At one point, Kiara was raped and became pregnant, but chose to have an abortion. Afterwards, she joined her brother's gang. Kiara was put into juvie again due to possessing and selling drugs and possession of a deadly weapon before being placed at Girls United two months prior to House and Home.

Kiara becomes Callie's roommate and house sponsor while Callie is at Girls United. She offers Callie advice on how to survive in the group home. 

After Girls United was destroyed, Kiara was placed in a dangerous foster home along with two other young girls. She called Callie for help and when the police arrived, they saw a drug dealer with a knife, threatening Kiara's foster parents. Kiara stayed in Callie's room for a couple nights and learned that despite the incident, she was to be sent back to her abusive home. She and Callie went to a foster center for help, but made no progress. Kiara packed her stuff, left a note and ran away to live on the streets. 

After Kiara ran away, she began to live in the dangerous part of town and became a sex worker. Rita later tried to save her but Kiara rejected her help. However, after some persuasion from Callie, Stef and Rita, Kiara is now off the streets and back at Girls United. 

Physical Appearance 

Kiara is an African American with a dark complexion, medium-length curly hair, and a rounded figure.



Appearances (13/101)

Season 1 (6/21)

Season 2 (4/21)

Season 3 (3/20)

Girls United


  • Kiara's brother is serving a 25-year to life sentence in jail.
  • In Got Your Back, Kiara mentions to Callie that she has an aunt who she is on good terms with and the woman will take Kiara in once the latter turns her life around.
  • Kiara's story is very similar AJ's and the two share many commonalities.
    • Both befriend Callie.
    • Both have an older brother.
    • Both characters' mothers are institutionalized for a mental illness. 
    • Both turn to the drop-in center for help.
    • Both are foster teen runaways; Callie tries to get both of them help at the drop-in center after they run away.
    • The Adams-Foster family allowed both Kiara and AJ to temporarily stay with them when they didn't have a home to go to.
  • In Now Hear This, Callie states that Kiara wants to become a social worker and work with children.
  • She appears to have a habit of interrupting people.


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