Lexus (Lexi/Jesus) is the name of the romantic relationship between Jesus Adams Foster and Lexi Rivera.




In Consequently,

  • Jesus defends Lexi from her ex-boyfriend.
  • Jesus and Lexi kiss when Lexi comes into Jesus's room to thank him.
  • Jesus goes up to Lexi and apologizes for kissing her and Lexi says its cool

In Hostile Acts,

  • Jesus is seen "nudging" Lexi online from Brandon's computer.
  • Lexi is seen looking at Jesus while he is in class and she is talking to Mariana.
  • During volleyball practice, Jesus deliberatly throws his volleyball over to the girl's side just so he can talk to Lexi. He tells her to meet him at the beach at 2 PM.
  • When Jesus sees Lexi sitting on the beach, he starts to feel guilty about hiding his relationship from his sister Mariana; he decides to ditch Lexi.
  • The next day, Lexi and Jesus are seen talking to each other and Lexi gets mad at him for not wanting to be with her because of Mariana.
  • Later on, Lexi sees Jesus in detention and goes to the bathroom. Jesus follows her to the bathroom and they make out.

In Quinceañera,

  • Jesus and Lexi are looking at each other as Jesus passes Mariana's room.
  • They are seen making out in the bathroom at Jesus's house.
  • They are seen arguing about telling Mariana about their relationship.
  • They kissed at the quinceanera.
  • When Lexi was about to leave, Jesus tells her to stay because it was his birthday too.
  • Jesus tells Lexi he isn't letting her leave there without dancing with him

In The Morning After,

  • Jesus tried to sneak Lexi into another room, but they got caught by Stef and Lena.
  • Jesus and Lexi share an intimate and romantic encounter in Lexi's bedroom.
  • Lexi and Jesus had sex, but they did not use protection.
  • Jesus and Lexi are taking a walk on the beach and Lexi says that they should stop doing what they did at least for a little while and Jesus says that he likes her and is not going anywhere

In Saturday,

  • Jesus and Lexi are seen having dinner with their parents.

In The Fallout,

  • Jesus and Lexi are seen kissing outside of Lexi's apartment.
  • Jesus and Lexi are seen talking in Wyatt's old house.
  • Jesus and Lexi are seen at the house talking to their parents.
  • Jesus and Lexi hug when they see each other at Wyatt's house

In Clean,

  • Jesus and Lexi are seen talking in school.
  • Jesus and Lexi are seen talking at volleyball practice.
  • Jesus declines Lexi's call
  • At volleyball practice, Jesus promises Lexi that he won't let anything bad happen to her and that she has him

In I Do,

  • Lexi asks Jesus if he wants to have sex with her again, but Jesus doesn't want things to go bad again which gets Lexi mad.
  • Jesus takes Lexi in his room and tells her he is sorry for the way that he acted earlier.
  • Jesus finds out that Lexi is going to Honduras to visit her sick grandmother.
  • Jesus and Lexi danced together at the wedding reception.
  • In Jesus's room Jesus tells Lexi that he will be waiting until she comes back from Honduras and that he can never forget about her.

In First Impressions,

  • Lexi returns unexpectedly to San Diego from Honduras and Jesus answers the door
  • After answering the door, Lexi runs inside and jumps into his arms
  • Lexi feels threatened by Emma's presence in the Adams Foster house, even though she isn't there for Jesus but Mariana
  • Lexi goes into the bathroom when Jesus is still in there, and they reminisce about their many make-out sessions in there, to which Jesus jokingly says he doesn't know what she's talking about
  • Jesus and Lexi both admit to being single, and Lexi shows interest in Jesus

In Mixed Messages,

  • Jesus spots Lexi having some trouble hanging her campaign sign, so he lifts her up to fix it, much to her surprise and delight
  • Jesus asks to have one of Lexi's campaign cupcakes and quickly makes up the excuse that he is hungry when he could really be wanting to support Lexi instead of Mariana in the bid for the presidential seat

In Minor Offenses,

  • Lexi agrees to go on a double date with Jesus, Mariana, and Nick
  • Lexi willingly leaves the table with Jesus to change the music
  • Lexi asks Jesus if he is really interested in her, and if he really wants to be out with her, or if he really wants to sabotage Mariana's night out with Nick. Lexi appears happy when Jesus says that he really wants to be there with her.
  • Lexi and Jesus kiss
  • Lexi takes off with Mariana after Nick almost gets them in a car accident, and Jesus calls after her, while Lexi looks hurt that the guys got them into a dangerous situation

In Sixteen,

  • Lexi attends the sixteenth birthday party of Mariana and Jesus and, when they return to the Adams Foster house, Lexi kisses Jesus for being brave and for his birthday, for going with Stef to drop a high Ana off at her home. Lexi also sees Gabe briefly, and Jesus tells her that he is his birth dad.
  • When Jesus and Mariana are opening presents, Lexi is standing right next to Jesus and they are seen laughing and flirting.


First Relationship

  • Started: "Hostile Acts"
  • Ended: "Escapes and Reversals"
    • Reason: Lexi found Jesus' deleted email with his original plan to break up with her. After finding the email, she lied to Jesus by claiming she kissed a boy in Honduras, ending their relationship herself.

Second Relationship


  • Mariana finds out about Jesus and Lexi's relationship in Quinceanera.
  • Jesus and Lexi have kissed onscreen 12 times.
  • In The Morning After, it seems like everyone is accepting their relationship except for Mariana.
  • Jesus and Lexi had sex in The Morning After. It is implied they lost their virginities to each other. As a result of not using protection, they feared the possibility of pregnancy and sought to have Lexi take a morning-after pill. After much hesitation, Jesus' parents finally gave her the pill.