"Well, I wanted you to know that the movement is not my primary partner. You are. And I want you to know that I love you."
—Malika to Isaac[1]

Malika and Isaac also referred to as Misaac is the romantic pairing between Malika Williams and Isaac.

They technically met for the first time at Douro, although, they interacted for the first time on the popular dating app, Shipper.


During a social experiment headed by Mariana, each of the single Coterie women registered on the dating app, "Shipper" - but another woman would pick their date. Davia was in charge of finding a match for Malika. Davia found Isaac, who instantly sparked Malika's interest. She swiped right on him, however, they didn't match due to Isaac not swiping right on her.

Isaac showed up at Douro that night, and Malika used this to shade him. However, they eventually bonded over their mutual respect for romantic comedies. Malika later brought his racial bias within dating apps to light. To make up for his behavior, Isaac challenged Malika to a basketball match - if he won he got a date, and if she won, he would walk away. Malika ended up winning the match and they had sex on the countertop of Douro. Malika and Isaac spent a long time talking with him making the bigger steps in an effort to get to know her. They began a relationship in "Re-Birthday".


First Relationship

  • First Met: "Swipe Right"
  • "Swipe Right" - After Isaac won their basketball match, they kissed and had sex in the bar, Douro.
  • Official date: "Re-Birthday" - Malika brought Issac to Davia's twenty-fifth birthday party celebration.
  • Seperation: "Clapback" - Malika missed Isaac's father's birthday, which prompted Isaac to realize that Malika wasn't there for him like he is for her. He also acknowledged that her activism is important to her, but wanted to know that their relationship came first.
  • Reconcilitation: "Gumboot Becky"
    • Malika told Isaac she loves him.
    • Isaac reciprocated her "I love you" in "Palentine's Day".


  • They both have respect for romantic comedies.
  • They both enjoy playing basketball, though Isaac played professionally while Malika doesn't.
  • They are both allies of the LGBTQ+ community.


Malika: Oh, I'm sorry, I must have overlooked you.
-- Malika shading Isaac "Swipe Right"

Isaac: Every great romcom ends with a chase. Facts.
Malika: Your trippin'.
Isaac: Pretty Woman: racing the limo to catch her before she leaves town. Brown Sugar: rushing to the radio station. When Harry Met Sally: running through the New York City streets to get a new year's kiss!
Malika: It's not the chase it's the gesture! Say Anything? The Best Man? And Richard Gere was afraid of heights and he climbed the fire escape for her!
Isaac: Okay, I'm gonna argue with you that a gesture is a chase in itself. So, therefore, every great romcom ends in a chase. Facts.

You seem like a nice guy, but I just don't feel right giving my number to someone who subconsciously or not wrote me off without a second thought.
-- Malika to Isaac in "Swipe Right"

Maybe next time open your mind to the whole person. You might make a real connection.
-- Malika to Isaac in "Swipe Right"

Isaac: Yeah, that makes sense.
Malika: What makes sense?
Isaac: You being a little on the defense when it comes to courtship.
Malika: Courtship? Are-are you courtship-ing me?
Isaac: Damn, woman, I'm trying too, but you don't make it easy.
-- Isaac and Malika in "Re-Birthday"

Isaac: I know your body. What about your mind?
Malika: Okay, what man wants to know a woman's mind?
Isaac: This man.
-- "Re-Birthday"

Isaac: You really showed up for me tonight. I appreciate it.
Malika: Well, I wanted you to know that the movement is not my primary partner. You are. And I want you to know that I love you.
-- "Gumboot Becky"



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