This page is about Mariana Foster's quotations during her episodes appearances.

Season One


Ana: "So, you got anything for me?"
Mariana: "Oh um, here. I hope this helps."
Ana: "Thank You (sobbing). Trust me, thank you, thank you so much."
Mariana: "Don’t worry about it."

− Mariana gives money to her birth mother, Ana.


Mariana: "I didn't have time to do my hair."
Stef: "Well, it's too late now, sweetie."
Mariana: "We still have fifteen minutes."
Stef: "No, no, no. You guys have to walk to school today, we have a thing."
Mariana: "Okay, I'm not going to school with my hair like this."
Stef: "Well, then you're not going anywhere, ever again."

− Mariana and Stef about going to school.

Hostile Acts

Jesus: (huming)
Mariana: "You mind?"
Jesus: "What?"
Mariana: "The song. It's annoying. [...] You're in a good mood today."
Jesus: "I'm always in a good mood."
Mariana: "You're in a really good mood tonight. [...] Are you?... Is there someone you haven't told me about?"
Jesus: "What? No."
Mariana: "Really? Nothing going on? Nothing at all? Nothing... between you and Lexi?"
Jesus: "Not at all."
Mariana: "It's not what it looked like this afternoon."
Jesus: "What? The volleyball? We were just talking."
Mariana: "Really?"
Jesus: "What can I say? I'm irresistible. [...] Relax. You know I wouldn't date any of your friends, right?"
Mariana: (smiles)

− Mariana and Jesus after she suspects there's something between he and Lexi &Emma.

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Mariana: "So, Callie. You know my friend Kelsey?"
Callie: "Oh, the one who lied and said I sold her drugs?"
Mariana: "Yeah, well... she's in rehab."
Callie: "I'm sorry to hear that."
Mariana: "So, do you want to take her place in my court?"
Stef: "I think that is a great idea, Mariana. Eam... Wha-what do you think Callie?"
Callie: "Sure, I guess."
Lena: "Great, we just have to hurry and get your gown before Saturday."
Callie: "I have to wear a gown?"
Jude: (laughs)
Mariana: "Well, you don't have to do anything."
Jesus: "And we will get to do a vals."
Mariana: "It's gonna be fun."
Jesus: "Like eating glass."
Stef: "Hey, shut it."
Talya: "So... who does Callie gets to dance with?"
Mariana: "Brandon."
Brandon: "Yeah... I mean... but... you're my date."
Talya: "Well, duh. (laughs)"

− Mariana inviting Callie to be part of her court at her quinceañera.

Mariana: "I know."
Jesus: "About what?"

− Mariana and Jesus after finding out about his relationship with Lexi.

"I've nothing to say to you."

− Mariana to Lexi after finding out about her relationship with Jesus.

"I should have danced with you."

− Mariana to her moms after realizing that she wanted to dance with them.

The Morning After

Garret: "Mariana."
Mariana: "Oh my god, Garret! Wow you look different."
Garret: "Puberty,It turns out the rumors are true. They really do change things. That's what happens when we don't see each other for a year, what's happening, what's changed? Tell me everything mats, details, GO!"
(Mariana laughs)

– Garret catching up with Mariana.


Sofia: "Hey Mari so nice to see you."
Callie: "Hello."
Lena: "Callie this is Sonya and Ernie."
Ernesto: "Nice to meet you."
Callie: "Yea you too, uh we were just going to bed."
Sonya: "No no Mari, its been to long come, come, join us come on."
(Callie and Mariana walk down the stairs)
Sonya: "Wow Mariana, your nose."
Mariana: "You like it?" (drunk voice)
Stef: "Uh, I think its time we call it a night what do you say?"
Lexi: "Yea mami I'm tired."
Sonya: "Oh okay, so Mari Jesus is going to join us at the church retreat this weekend why don't you come too?"
Mariana: "What? (laughs) your going to let them spend the night together when you know they're having sex?"
(Everyone is speechless)

– Mariana at the dinner.

The Fallout