Meera Mattei is a recurring character on the Freeform original series, Good Trouble. She is the ex-fiancée of Sumi.

Meera is portrayed by Briana Venskus.



Meera is easy-going and conforms easily to Sumi's vibrant personality. She is laidback, yet fiercely protective of those she cares about.

Physical Appearance

Throughout Series

The Coterie

When Sumi arrives at a birthday party thrown for her by Alice at the Coterie, Meera joins her. Alice runs to get the cake from the kitchen when Sumi happily announced her engagement to Meera. The newly engaged couple party and socialize. Later in the night, Sumi and Meera ask Alice to be Sumi's maid of honor, to which Alice accepts even though she still loves her.

Playing the Game

Meera and Sumi are at the Coterie together talking with Alice on how to plan their upcoming wedding. Meera seems relaxed and not worried about anything, just wanting Sumi to have her big day. Throughout the meeting, Meera eyes Alice and then the couple abruptly leaves when Meera says they have plans.


Season 1

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