"I love all my grandchildren. You don't have to turn your back on family."
—Rafael to Jazmin

Rafael Martinez is a retired veteran of war. He is the father of Hugo, and the Grandfather of Gael and Jazmin.



Rafael strongly believes in family, honor, and duty. He is a kind-hearted man with old-fashioned views on the world which he sacrifices for the sake of his family. As a veteran of the war, Rafael is disciplined and respectful. He respects his son's decision not to give Jazmin her dog tags, yet ultimately does the right thing and gives them to his granddaughter. He accepts both his grandchildren for who they are, even though he doesn't understand their choices.

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Doble Quince

Rafael celebrates his eightieth birthday with his son, daughter-in-law, and grandson. When Gael mentions Jazmin he becomes quiet and lets his son handle the situation. Gael expresses that Jazmin just wants her dog tags for her quinceanera, and Rafael admits that he thinks Jazmin should have them. Hugo expresses his disapproval and refuses to give over the tags. Rafael doesn't argue with his son.

The night of Jazmin's quince, Rafael arrives and surprises her. He brings her the tags and tells her that she should have them, as she served her country with honor. He puts them around her neck and expresses his love for her. He also calls her his granddaughter and asks if she would dance with him.

Gael escorts him out after the dance, and Rafael admits that even though he doesn't understand Jazmin or Gael's choices, he refuses to turn his back on his family. He tells Gael he loves him and then leaves the Coterie through the elevator.


Season 2 (3/13)


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