I'm sorry. You know I, um, I gave you the wrong advice when I said we couldn't have our moments -- that we had to be strong. That black superwoman complex, we don't have to be that. We can just be real. We can break down. We can ask for help. We can be there for our sisters and our brothers the way you were there for me.
Sandra to Malika

Sandra Thompson is the mother of Jamal Thompson and a political advocate for Black Lives Matter on behalf of her son.


After her unarmed son was shot and killed by the police, she began a "#JusticeForJamal" campaign to bring his case to Federal Court. Her sons' case was eventually transferred to Judge Wilson.


Physical Appearance

Throughout Series


Season 1 (6/13)


Sandra (to Malika): We can't afford to have our moments. We have an uphill battle to fight, not just for Jamal, but for all of us. Let's go to court.

Notes and Trivia

  • Her sons' case is currently being heard at the court of Judge Curtis Wilson.
  • She is friends with Malika Williams, who is also campaigning for justice for Jamal.



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