This page is about Talya's quotations during her episodes appearances.

Season One



Talya: "Hey, Callie! Over here!"
(Callie sits with Talya and her friends)
Talya: "So, how are you? I mean, I know it's been a crazy couple of days for you."
Calie: "I'm fine, thanks."
Talya's friend: "So, where are you from?"
Callie: "Just... around."
Talya's friend: "Great."
Talya: "Was that your brother you were talking this morning?"
Callie: "Yeah, that's Jude."
Talya: "He's totally adorable!"
Callie: "Yeah, he's alright."
Talya's friend:' "I like your bracelets."
Callie: "Thank you."
Talya: "I should get some like that. So cool."

− Talya and her friend talking with Callie.

Hostile Acts

Brandon: "We just need extra fifteen minutes in the bathroom, I'm not even kidding. It's like my turn and they..."
Talya: "(laughs) It looks like you guys need another bathroom."
Brandon: "For those kids. No, I just... want so privacy."
Talya: "Yeah, well, I don't think my parents are going out of town any time soon. I'm afraid you lost your time for privacy, mister."
Brandon: "Oh, I mean, we can figure it out."
Talya: "How? I don't think we'll have privacy in your house ever again. (kisses Brandon)"

− Brandon and Talya talking about privacy.


Talya: "So... who does Callie gets to dance with?"
Mariana: "Brandon."
Brandon: "Yeah... I mean... but... you're my date."
Talya: "Well, duh. (laughs)"


Callie: "Hey has anyone seen Mariana?"
Talya: "No I haven't, oh hey wait."
Callie: "Yea."
Talya: "You are a cool girl you know. You and Wyatt are like a thing now. Everyone I liked likes you."
Callie: "I told you you had nothing to worry about with me and Brandon."
Talya: "Oh I know, I freaked, can you blame me? Your the shiny new girl. I should've realized you were never into Brandon, he's into you."

– Talya talking to Callie about Brandon.


Talya: "Hey"
Brandon: "Hey, hey what's up?"
Talya: "Um.. I know this is really weird but, this weekend is-was our anniversary."
Brandon: "Oh, right."
Talya: "Um I got these for you a while back as a surprise before we were you know."
Brandon: Wow, the weepies." Talya: "I know you should use them."
Brandon: Oh, uh, yea I really can't."
Talya: "Why not I want you to."
Brandon: "I just don't want you to get the wrong idea."
Talya: "No I know, that's not what I meant, you just love the band so much I want you to go."
Brandon: "Alright, thank you, I just can't. I got plans, um okay I gotta get to class, later."

– Brandon and Talya talking about the concert.


I Do

House and Home

Brandon: "We have to break up"                                                                                                                           Talya: "I'm pretty sure that's not a line in the play"                                                                                           Brandon: "I'm so sorry Talya. We... I should've have never gotten back with you"                                            Talya: "Then why did you?"                                                                                                                                   Brandon: "I don't know, I really care about you, ok, I really do, but..."                                                                 Talya: "You don't love me. So honestly this time, is it because of Callie?"                                                                Brandon: "Talya..."                                                                                                                                                    Talya: "Just... I just need to hear you admit it. So I know I'm not crazy."                                                             Brandon: "Yes, it's Callie"                                                                                                                                 Talya: "Brandon?"                                                                                                                                               Brandon: "What?"                                                                                                                                                 Talya: "She's just going to hurt you"                                                                                                                  Brandon: "You... you don't know everything."                                                                                                    Talya: "I don't"                                                                                                                                                        

-Brandon Breaking Up With Talya