Tate Wilson was the problematic and rebellious son of Supreme Court Judge Curtis Wilson and Libby Wilson. He is also the younger brother of Allison Wilson.

Tate is portrayed by Zachary Gordon.


Tate was born to Curtis and Libby Wilson and has an older sister, Allison. Tate had a privileged and spoiled upbringing, but developed friction with his father due to Curtis being controlling and mostly absent while his son was growing up. After graduating high school, Tate partied through college, which eventually led him being expelled. Afterward, Tate spiraled and was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Initially, he was going to receive a citation until he attempted to punch the police officer and was arrested for assaulting a cop. As part of his plea deal, Tate was put under house arrest and given probation.


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Notes and Trivia

  • As per the plea agreement he made, Tate was put on house arrest and probation.


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