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"The Fosters" is a compelling, one-hour drama about a multi-ethnic family made up of two mothers and their adopted and biological children. While living in sunny Southern California, the Foster family must deal with the complexities of foster care, racism, sexuality, and immigration. Though the problems they face are tough, this family knows that if they stick together, they can get through anything.

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Foster sisters Mariana and Callie venture into Los Angeles to begin the chapters of their adult lives. What starts out as a fun journey, becomes increasingly difficult when the sisters realize that LA isn't everything they hoped it would be.


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Meet the Adams Fosters

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Lena Adams Foster

A warm, beautiful woman, Lena is Stef's wife and the adoptive mother Jesus, Mariana, Jude, and Callie, as well as the step-mother of Brandon. She is the Principal of Anchor Beach Community Charter School, and an altruistic activist. With all of her children having graduated from high school and moved away, Lena decided to run for state assembly. She and Stef sold their home and moved to a new district, excited to embark on their next adventure together.

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