Okay, before the winter premiere of The Fosters, I wanted to talk about the "semi-controversial" subject of Brallie and get it off my chest. There's been a lot of arguments about it, and I ask that if you read this, please, do not comment hate, on them, but I am willing to DISCUSS this topic with you, like mature adults.

Things I know for a FACT

  • Brandon and Callie love each other.
  • They are best friends.
  • They weren't selfish, they just made bad decisions. They time and time again put their feelings on hold for the sake of family. They could've easily rebelled again and chose to ignore how their relationship would affect the family, but didn't.
  • Their relationship was complicated, but not toxic. In another universe, they would be together; no fuss, no issues. I believe that.
  • No matter how much it hurts, they will support each other's relationships. they have grown out of the jealousy phase enough to do that.
  • Mike doesn't hate Callie, but is just wary because of how heart broken Brandon was after what happened with Callie.
  • They didn't ask for these feelings, so it's not fair for anyone to tell them to get over it already. They see each other every day; it's not an easy thing to do.
  • I don't think Callie will ever 100% see Brandon as a brother. She had sex with him. You don't go from ex lovers to siblings at the drop of a hat. It's the truth.

Warning: This is a bit long.

Okay, let's start from Season 1. I think the great thing about them is that they didn't instantly fall in love. It took time. In the first episode, we see a scared, secretive, closed-off Callie. Brandon, along with the rest of the family, did their best to make her feel welcome. It was very sweet of him to go with her to get Jude, knowing that letting her go alone was a bad decision call. I saw that as a moment of them becoming good friends. I loved the part where he gave her his guitar to practice on, and even blew of Talya to help her re-learn it. I was intrigued when Talya, Brandon's girlfriend at the time, was almost immediately jealous of her, and he spending time with her. He was only trying to be nice, but she saw it as something else. I didn't start to see that until the episode Quinceañera, with the dancing scene where the choreographer says "Connection is Key,"
and that ADORABLE scene where Callie comes down all dressed up, and he can't stop looking at her *HEART EYES*.
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Brandon realizing and admitting his feelings for her was icing on the cake, but after we find out about her past-relationship with Liam, her former foster brother, she puts a wall up, and grows closer to Wyatt. It's a weird thing to say, but I kind of liked how jealous Brandon was of her, ensuring that this wasn't a hoax to get her in bed; the feelings were genuine. She explained to him that it couldn't happen, fearing she and Jude will be kicked out of the house. Callie eventually tells him the full story about Liam; he raped her. I noticed she didn't even tell Wyatt, due to her having trust issues. The fact that she felt safe enough to tell Brandon spoke volumes, and I had hope for them. Their relationship wasn't smooth; it had its bumps. He accidently blamed her for Mariana getting drunk, and when Callie reprimanded him for blaming the twins for Stef's injury. Wyatt being the one to realize Callie is using him and encouraging her to fight for Brandon was insanely sweet, and I still love their friendship till this day. I almost yelled at the TV when Talya got to Brandon before she did xD Their first kiss on the Season 1 finale still gives me chills, because all of their guards were down. Brandon telling her best attributes and that she deserves everything, you could see in that moment how much they loved each other. It was passionate, captivating, beautiful, and real, until Jude saw them :( I was torn because when Stef and Lena asked if they could adopt them, I was happy they found a family that loved them, and it hurt to see Callie resorting to running away after her fight with Jude.

The second half of the season definitely has the most romance, drama, and angst, which makes it definitely one of my favorite season blocks (1B). Brallie's relationship is out, and no one is accepting of it. Lena tries to be, but ultimately sides with Stef. It hurt me that no one understood how they felt, but that's the way it is sometimes. The hug they shared in the episode House and Home is still my favorite Brallie moment thus far. It was better than most of their kisses; I think people forget how powerful a hug can be.
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They went as far as putting a restraining order on Brandon for Callie, but obviously, they still saw each other <33 They soon realized that Callie needed a family, and being with Brandon meant that she had to give up everything she worked for, so they break up. Brandon had a hard time moving on, and felt their relationship was becoming one-sided. He asks her many times to come and just talk to him, but she declines because she was mostly helping Wyatt, who was homeless and living in his car. This led him to exploding in Metropolis, yelling that he's still in love with her. (Again, one of my favorite scenes; David and Maia did an exceptional job portraying their emotions) What really made me tear up were his words to her. "We do, keep doing this. Because what we feel, happens once in a lifetime. *beautiful line* I cried even more when she lied and said she sleep with Wyatt, and he solemnly walked away from him. She even came to his house to check and see if her getting adopted was hurting him. It clearly did, but he lied because he loved her and knew how much it meant to her. And then Vico beat him up and smashed his hands into the car and I was so shook OMG.

Then we lead into Season 2. They seem to be having less trouble acting as siblings, and both seemed to have moved on. Callie back with Wyatt and Brandon with a new girl named Lou, the new girl he met after joining a band. I was happy because they still interacted and that's all I needed. I loved how not just Brandon, but Wyatt fought for Callie's honor when they saw Liam at the carnival. She didn't looked pleased or happy with either of them. I liked how the brought back the song "outlaws" that Brandon wrote for Callie, and she allowed him to use it in the episode Play. You could see that they still supported each other in everything they did, and I loved that. They weren't even together but you could feel the connection between them. Brandon even helped Callie with her relationship with Wyatt, basically telling her not to shut Wyatt out like he once did with him. I love that they were able to go to each other for advice or just to talk. Then, the pivotal moment in the mid-season finale when we learn Callie's adoption was again put on hold, and she took comfort in Brandon.
She told him she gave up so much to be adopted, implying Brandon, and they kiss. I'm not going to lie, I thought for sure they'd stay together, but Brandon broke it off, remembering the pact they made to not give up on their dreams. In the episode Over Under she thought it was because of Lou, but he also revealed that he doesn't trust Callie's feelings, and that she's reacting and doesn't truly know what she wants. This was another very emotional scene, and even though it hurt, Callie had to heart, because, to an extent, it was true. She came to him mostly when things were tough, and he doesn't just want to be her shoulder to cry on. I was hoping that conversation would give Callie some clarity about what she wants and finally fight for Brandon, but that wasn't the case. The rest of the season is kind of a downfall when it comes to Brallie interaction, except for Callie showing her support for his relationship with Lou in episode Mother Nature and him helping Callie after she was involved in "kidnapping" Daphne's daughter.

Season 3 hits, and AJ is introduced to fill the void when Jesus goes to boarding school. Brandon almost immediately didn't like him, but Callie, seeing a little bit of herself in him, begged him to give AJ a chance. In the episode Going South, the two take a spontaneous trip to Mexico to go hang gliding. I immediately fell in love with this scene, despite the lack of romance. The Brallie friendship still makes me happy. Her reasoning was wanting to do something crazy with her best friend, which warmed my heart. Even though Callie denied anything going on with AJ, she still ended up kissing him, which obviously made Brandon jealous, more so because he didn't trust him. They were both interviewed by the social worker due to Brandon's previous restraining order to make sure they didn't still harbor feelings for each other. My opinion, they lied, but only because this is what Callie wants; a family. When Brandon showed up at GU to talk to Callie, I really wanted to know what he wanted to say. but, he ended up driving home. *tears* BUT THEN, THE EPISODE Idyllwild HAPPENED. Not only did Brandon kill it on stage, and win, he and Callie, thinking again she won't get adopted, had sex, proving that whatever they said to the social worker was mostly bullshit :) (not sorry bout it)
In the next episode, things get complicated due to Callie still being able to get adopted. I was shocked that she still managed to get adopted, not for selfish reasons, but just because certain things happened. Nevertheless, I was still happy that she finally had a family. The second part of season 3 was them again trying to move on, and they went their respective ways: Callie back with AJ and Brandon with a new girl, Cortney. However, someone on the Fost and Found website asks her if she slept with her foster brother. She immediately got scared that Daphne, the only person who she told, told someone. Brandon assured her that they didn't do anything wrong, and I agree with him. He encourages her that she is a role model and what's she's doing with the Fost and Found website is important. Later, she admits to him holding her back as well. it's so clear that even though they talk to each other about it, they are still a little uncomfortable seeing each other with someone else. Not to mention their little surprise part with Cortney and AJ when they both left the twins' birthday party to hang at the house in the episode Sixteen. Rehearsal was an important episode, because Brandon admits to having sex with Dani, Mike's old girlfriend, though it is statutory rape. And Callie admits to not wanting to regret having sex with him, because it was the first time she were with someone the way you're supposed to. Then the episode The Show, where Callie asks Brandon what would've happen if they just told. Brandon says it's too late, Callie says she knows, and sit in silence, upset at the realization of the other option. Not to mention that break in the song where Brandon is first singing to Cortney and then Callie, signifying a glimmer of hope for them. Kingdom Come is set on Brandon's birthday, and Callie gets him a photo of the R+J cast. He comforts her when she finds out about Justina's dishonesty, and sadly, the truth comes about about Brandon and Callie having sex.

In Season 4, she tells him that moms know, and she couldn't lie anymore. He tells her not to apologize to him. Major feud rises with Brandon and Stef in Safe as he tries to explain his actions, but Stef ONCE AGAIN doesn't listen, driving Brandon out of the house. he ends up living with Courtney, while Callie, after getting suspended, meets Aaron, drives a little wedge between her and AJ, and also helps her solve a case involving her former foster brother. They had a nice little scene in Girl Code, supporting each other and what not, but this half of the season was pretty tame. The only other thing that happened is the Riff between Stef and Lena blaming Brandon more for the sex with Callie and Mike questioning Callie's intentions. THAT I need to see more of in Season 4B

Things I've noticed

  • How easily everyone seemed to forget about their romance in Season 1, considering how it picked back up in following seasons. They weren't the least bit skeptical, like it was a phase.
  • STEF AND LENA STILL HAVEN'T SAT DOWN AND TALKED TO THEM ABOUT IT. I just want them to have a real conversation about; they deserve at least that.
  • Jude dissing Callie about her affiliations with foster brothers, though she's been completely supportive of his relationship and didn't tell moms about him smoking weed with Noah, and basically sacrificed her happiness for the sake of him and the family.
  • Their inability to affectively move on. No offense, but there isn't really any one else they dated on the show that I really liked with them, not the mention the way the always gravitate back to each other. The closest was probably Callie and Wyatt.

Now that I've shared my thoughts, I am willing to hear yours. Again, please, not hateful comments. if you disagree fine, but can we keep it on a mature level? One a side note I am excited for the premiere of 4B I am worried about Callie, Jesus, and Brandon, and I hope they are okay.

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