Do you guys think Joah is an unhealthy relationship? I mean they were cute that first, but then Noah gave Jude weed. I mean Jude didn't have to take it or seek it out or anything, but Noah was enabling him. Also, Noah didn't immediately tell Jude that the weed the was in gummy worms, because Jude wasn't sure if he was going to take it, but he did unknowingly. Joah don't even go on dates. They just get high together. Also, the only times they do anything (like kiss) is when they're stoned. Also, their parents don;t approve of the relationship, because of the smoking, so they have to sneak around to see each other. I thought Jude "didn't want to be anyone's secret" (what he said to Connor when Connor suggested they continue to hang out without Connor's dad knowing in Season 2).